It is our goal to provide a positive experience for all of the players and to maintain fairness throughout. Developing players while making it an enjoyable and fun experience is the most important component of U6 soccer!

Game Information:

​All games are played on Friday nights at La Sierra Community Center at 5325 Engle Road, Carmichael. The fields can be accessed from either Engle Road or Gibbons Drive. Since only U6 games are played at La Sierra CC on Friday nights, there are several fields and site maps will be posted to provide field locations.​

2017 game schedules:


Game schedules will be made available at the u6 coaches meeting on TBD. This meeting from 630-730, at TBD.

Older team u6 schedule is HERE.

Younger team u6 schedule is HERE.


For more information or questions, please contact the U6 coordinator, Jared Cobabe.

Under 6 Rules:
  • Carmichael Soccer Club's U6 program is a non-competitive/recreational co-ed program.

  • We do not keep score.

  • We play five (5) players per side; minimum number of players is three.

  • Each player plays equally, minimum of 50% of the time over the course of the season.

  • We play four 8-minute quarters with a 1-minute break between each quarter and a 5-minute half time.

  • At halftime players switch sides of the field.

  • If the ball goes over the touchline (out of bounds on the side), play is re-started by an overhead throw in. If the ball goes over the touchline on the end line, the ball is moved to the sideline and play is re-started with an overhead throw in.

  • No direct kicks, penalty kicks or corner kicks.

  • We do not play with a goalkeeper.

  • The Home Team is always listed second on the schedule and is responsible for bringing their team equipment and setting up the field, providing the game ball, keeping the official time for the game and wearing "pinnies".

  • The soccer ball shall be size 3.

Field of play:
  • Dimensions: The field of play shall be rectangular, 40 yards long x 30 yards wide.

  • Markings: Four corners and centerline at the sidelines are marked by orange cones.

  • Goals: The goals shall consist of two flags, six yards apart centered on the end lines.

Under 6 Program

Player Information:


  • No player shall be allowed to practice or play on a team unless the player has completed all of the CSC and CVYSL registration requirements - No Exceptions!
  • Players need to bring a size 3 soccer ball to each practice.
  • Each player should bring plenty water for themselves to each practice.
  • Each player must wear shin guards, covered by socks. Each player must wear shoes. Open toe shoes are not permitted.
  • Each player must have a Carmichael Soccer Club uniform. Uniforms will be available for purchase  at all Registration dates and at Kick-off. Black shorts and black socks are recommended.

Under 6 Guidelines

  • Each team should provide a snack for half-time (orange slices, etc.) and at the end of the game for their own team.
  • Everyone plays all positions (if trying to have positions).
  • Encourage everyone-try not to call specific names.
  • No yelling of instructions-this only confuses the players.
  • Remember, there are no winners or losers.
  • Practices are no longer than one hour.

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