Carmichael Soccer Club Select Team Development Process 2016


  1. Email to parents and coaches asking if they are interested in participating the CSC Select proram. 

           -Email will be sent to all CSC families in early-January.  


          *Please fill out our survey to indicate your interest- results will be used to determine which age/gender we have enough interest to form teams.


  2. Vet interested coaches with a panel of CSC Board executives.

           -Vetting committee interviews coaches in mid-January.


  3. Announce play dates- Club wide via email, and post on CSC website and CSC Facebook page.

          -Announcement will occur in early-January


  4. Hold "play" dates to assess interest. Tryouts will only be held for the age/gender where we have enough interest (as indicated by the survey).


     Carmichael Soccer Club age group "play dates" (time and specific day of tryout TBD):

          U9-U11: TBD

          U12 an up: TBD


     There will be 3 play dates for each age group, it is expected interested players will attend all 3 play dates.


     Each play date will be no more than 90 minutes and will include the following:


          -warm up activity

          -separate kids into teams

          -play small-sided games to put kids into a competitive situation to see how they play with and against other kids 


  5. From teams- timing TBD


  6. Team Registration: the team and players must register.


  7. Practices start as early as June 1st (TBD by each team's coach).

          -Coaches will be encouraged to group practices for similar aged Select teams at the same location on same days/times


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