The Carmichael Soccer Club (CSC) is committed to providing an excellent soccer experience to all of our players! For players and families looking to experience a more advanced level of play, the Carmichael Soccer Club was part of a pilot program in 2015 to bring a Select level team from within our club.  The Select Team was formed in June and is a u11 girls team called the CSC Green Machine.  Normally, players wishing to play at higher levels must leave their home club and join one of the local Competitive Clubs in the area.  This can be an intimidating step for both players and families.  This pilot program is the result of over 5 years of effort from many CSC and other Club administrators.  The intent of the pilot was to evaluate if a ‘select’ program is feasible for the CSC, and if so, to provide experience for CSC in creating and managing future select teams. Select level of soccer introduces players and families to higher level competition, at a low-cost and low time commitment (six months compared to 10-11 in a full competitive program).   


We are happy to report the Select program has been approved and CSC will be implementing a Select program in 2016!


We will be sending out Club wide emails soon to find interested coaches. Coaches will be vetted by CSC to ensure a quality experience.


If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire.  Teams will be formed when there is sufficient interest.

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