Recreational: Rec soccer is the bread and butter of the Carmichael Soccer Club. Rec players sign up and play! It is all about fun and being with their friends! Coaches are required to play everyone at least 50% of all games. Recreational soccer is in the fall with practices starting in August and ending in November. Players are not allowed to be “chosen” for participation based on soccer ability. Recreational soccer is the introductory level to soccer. Coaches are volunteers and have a player on the team. Coaches often have lower levels of coaching education and playing experience compared to select and comp. 


Select: Select soccer is between recreational soccer and comp soccer in terms of commitment and competition level. Players at a select level often participate in other sports. Players are chosen through an open tryout process organized through the soccer club to which the team belongs. Select teams play 6 to 7 months of the year. Select teams often participate in 2 to 4 tournaments and play their regular season in the fall. Select soccer teams are coached by parents of kids on the team. Select teams play most of their games against other local Select teams in nearby leagues.


Comp: Comp soccer is the highest level of play and involves the most commitment by the players, parents, and coaches. Comp players generally focus on soccer as their number one sport- with many playing only soccer. Comp teams practice and play yearlong with few breaks. Playing on a comp team is for the dedicated player who loves soccer and wishes to improve. Comp soccer has tryouts. Players should be interested in improving technically, tactically, and in terms of fitness/speed. Comp coaches are paid and often do not have a child on the team they coach. Comp coaches often have higher level of coaching education and usually played in higher levels of soccer.


The team has a ten-game, fall schedule.  Select has both Saturday AND Sunday games to allow Tournament Weekends to be fit into the September - November time frame.  Also, the select League (CCSL) is a travel league with games outside the Sacramento Area (Sonora and Modesto for the Green Machine this season).


LEVELS - There are 7 levels of youth soccer:

Gold Premier

Silver Premier



Bronze (new comp teams often start here)

Copper (new CSC select teams will start here)

Recreational (CSC rec program)

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