"Capitol Valley Referee Development Program"


The Carmichael Soccer Club is committed to improving the game of soccer for all of those involved, whether it be players, coaches, parents, or referees.  Our commitment to the development of referees has gone to the next level this year as we become one of the leaders of referee development in the area.  We have joined Mission El Camino, La Sierra, Del Campo, and St. John soccer clubs in providing a unifying referee program.  With the merger, we will have about 1200 players that will need about 45-50 games refereed every week.  With this opportunity we can greatly increase, improve, and develop our refereeing skills.


The CVRDP will be pushing our referees to exceed even further this year as we will be evaluating and mentoring all those referees who are willing to improve and raising our expectations for all involved.  As it is our goal for overall better referees, there will be lots of opportunities for growth by everyone.  There are limitless possibilities to referee in the most competitive games if you have a desire and a thirst for knowledge about soccer. 


We depend on both adults and young adults over the age of 14 for our referees.  Learning to be a referee can be a very rewarding experience and is an excellent way for young players and involved parents to learn the rules of the game as well as earn some money.


If you are interested in becoming a referee for Carmichael Soccer Club, there are a couple of steps that will be required of you.

·       Be at least 14 years of age

·       Register for an account on GameOfficials.net (see gameofficials.net tab)

·       Join the Fox Soccer Assigning Group (Group 1400)

·       Sign up for and pass a Grade 8 referee clinic

·       Attend the mandatory pre-season meetings (1 field and 1 class session)


The season begins in September.  We will have a lot of games on the kickoff weekend, Aug 19th.  We hope to see you all there.


If you have any questions, please contact Matt Fox via email at referee@carmichaelsoccer.org or matt@foxsoccer.guru


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