License Levels


You must have your F license to be a head coach at Carmichael Soccer Club for U8 and above.


There are two different F coaching licenses: 

-U.S. Soccer offers an two hour online coach that can be accessed here

-A field component is also offered. CSC usually sets up 1 F license clinic per year or you can find an available clinic here


CSC coaches: we will pay for your F license. If you take one through sponsored by CSC, no money needs to be handled. If you chose one put on by another club or through U.S. Soccer, save the receipt and mail it or scan and email it to our Coaches Coordinator


Should you be interested in obtaining an E or District D license, clinics are also available at those levels. Although you must write a check for the clinic at the time you take it, your check will be returned to you upon successful completion of it.

License Levels


Pre-F Course

Topics: Intro to soccer and learning and teaching basic technique
Time commitment: 2 hr classroom, 1 hr on the field=3 hr total

F Course

Topics: Practice sessions, methods, tactics and Restart laws
Time commitment: 3 hr classroom, 6 hr on the field=9 hr total
Outcome: F certificate

E Course

Topics: systems of play, principles of attack and defense, role of 1st and 2nd attacker and defender, tactics and laws of the game
Time commitment: 6 hr classroom, 12 hr on the field=18 hr total
Outcome: E certificate

E/D Course

Topics: sports psychology, methods of learning and teaching tactics, team tactics, attacking and defending themes
Time commitment: 10 hr classroom, 22 hr on the field=32 hr total
Outcome: District D certificate

D Course

Topics: building and rating of coaching ability, preparation for advanced coaching
Time commitment: 10 hr classroom, 26 hr on the field=36 hr total
Outcome: National D license

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