F License Field Component 

Sunday August 28th  8:00 to 11:30am

Step 1. To complete the USSF F online component coaches register individually at the USSF Digital Coaching Center. It is not mandatory to complete this before the F field component portion of the certification but coaches must register to take the online course prior to completing the field portion of the training. https://dcc.ussoccer.com/courses/available/1/all/details/1/.


The cost of the online component is $25 which is due at time of registration. Keep your receipt, CSC will reimburse you. 


Step 2. To register for the F field component please contact Zach Seefloth seefloth@pacbell.net with the following information;


  • Full name

  • Gender

  • email

  • Home address

  • Date Of Birth

  • Contact number


The max number of candidates / students for the class is 20.


The F Field component will be held at Del Paso Manor Elementary on Sunday August 28th  8:00 to 11:30am.

DPM is located at  2700 Maryal Dr. Sacramento Ca 95821.


Coaches should ware athletic clothing, bring plenty of water, size 5 ball, and a chair to relax in. This is a hands on course so coaches will be running around learning various drills!



Any questions please contact Zach Seefloth


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